Almost at 10,000

After 3 years and 5 months of blogging here at My PhD Experience, I’m quickly approaching 10,000 site views. Wow!  I started this blog as a way to track my thoughts as I progress through the journey of earning a PhD – I never thought it would garner much attention. I’m glad it has and hope it has helped others as they wrestle with their own PhD journeys or determine if it’s something they want to undertake.

Thanks for reading!  Here’s to the 10,000th view (soon!) and the 10,000 after that!


2 responses to “Almost at 10,000

  1. Actually, it was your blog that was the final kick to have me jump into a long held fantasy of mine…to get a PhD. Although the choice was between American University and Walden University, I choose the online route because it fit in better with my schedule and I hated living in the DC area. I am in my last quarter of classwork, and begin my dissertation in December. Thank you for having this blog!

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