Field Statement

I’ve created this page to organize the three areas of my field statement.  This statement and accompanying exam are the final hurdle before I transition into the dissertation phase of the PhD program.  So what is the field statement?  I’ve written about it on and off throughout the time I’ve maintained this blog, but I’ve not gone into a lot of specifics.  Below is a description of the field statement according to the PhD Program handbook:

“The field statement must include a bibliography of the literature central to an understanding of each of the student’s chosen fields. While there are no rules governing the expected length or literature coverage, a typical field statement covers 20-35 works per field, and runs from thirty to one-hundred pages, depending on the topics, the student’s approach, and guidance from the field committee. For each field, the statement should review the literature by presenting an analysis of the state of knowledge in that field, with attention to the key issues being debated, the major theories that guide research, the types of hypotheses being investigated, and what is agreed upon and what is still uncertain. Students should aim to acquire a level of knowledge of each field or topic that would enable them to design and teach a course on that topic, as well as to be aware of the important findings and issues in that area that would be relevant to their planned area of dissertation research.”[1]

The three pages subordinate to this one will each be dedicated to a field within the field statement and will include a list of relevant references.


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