All Signed Up …

OK … I’m officially enrolled in my first semester courses.  I’m going to try my hand at both carrying a full academic load and working full time.  It won’t be the first time.  Back when I was a bit younger, I carried a full undergraduate load and worked 50 hours per week.  So how did that turn out?  It was challenging.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you can avoid it.  However, I’m not working 50 hours any more – I work a 40 hour week, and I’m not carrying a 15-hour academic load – I’ve enrolled for 10 hours.  Yes, there’s quite a difference between undergraduate and graduate work, but I’m willing to give it the “old college try”.

So here’s my first tranche of courses:

  • PUBP 704 – Statistical Methods in Policy Analysis
  • PUBP 730 – US National Policy System and Theory
  • PUBP 801 – Macro Policy

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