And the first semester is in the books …

The first semester of my PhD journey ended Thursday evening with an in-class statistics final.  In all, the week witnessed the submission of three final papers and two final exams (the other was in 801 – Macro Policy).  I ended up taking a week off work to finish my three papers and study for finals.  When I say “a week off work”, I should include the weekends on both ends.  In all, I spent 9 straight days typing on my laptop and scouring through the literature to put everything together.

I have to admit this semester was quite a challenge: more challenging that I had anticipated.  In the end, all the hard work has paid off.  I’ve received two of three grades so far and I’m very happy with them.  I’m sure the third is not far behind and I should know early this week.

Now that the first semester is behind me, I’ve got about 4 weeks before things ramp up again.  Next semester promises to be a lot like this semester in that I’ll be working full-time and attending classes full-time.  But now I’ve got a much better feeling for what to expect … 🙂  That should give me a little more time to maintain this blog and keep things fresh.

See you in January!


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