Math Camp …

Ahhh “Math Camp”!  George Mason University’s School of Public Policy offers (well, more like “requires”) that all SPP students who take PUBP 720:  Managerial Economics and Policy Analysis (which is a required PhD course) attend Math Camp (PUBP 555).  It’s a 7-hour intensive review of mathematical principles that all PhD students must either attend or test out of prior to taking PUBP 720.

After my last foray into showing how much math I retained from my studies as an undergrad many moons ago, I was a bit wary and didn’t hold out much hope that I’d be able to bypass Math Camp.  So I decided to go for it and get math camp out of the way this upcoming semester so that I could register for PUBP 720 in the spring semester.

The online test consisted of two parts: 1) Exponents and Basic Geometry; and 2) Conceptual Foundations of Calculus, Basic Optimization.  I had to get at least an 80% on each part in order to bypass math camp completely.

They were both very short tests, as the previous test had been for statistics.  How’d I do?  85% on Part 1 and 100% on Part 2!  Woohoo!!  Things are definitely looking up!


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