Wow …

Two days ago I took the statistics test I referred to in the previous post.  All I can say is “wow”.  Yes, I’ve actually had a statistics course in the past … in the not-so-recent past (as in 1989 …).  Well, on Monday, it showed.  The test seemed simple enough; there were 10 questions and I could use a calculator and a standard normal probability table.  I quickly learned that all the questions were essay response.  I answered the first two questions fairly quickly and though I had a good shot at doing halfway decent on the test.  Then I got to the third question.  Yikes!  Ok, well, let me skip that one and come back.  Fourth question … double yikes!  And so it went … all the way to question #10 (and back).

So I fell on my sword and, discretion being the better part of valor, submitted the test with only two questions out of ten answered.  I then requested that I be given permission to enroll in the PhD section of 704.  (Yes, I had previously enrolled in 704, but little did I realize, that was the wrong section.)

Lesson learned …


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